Gavinchi Brown

We are all witnessing the rise of a new era and Gavinchi is its focal point. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here; as a matter of fact, Gavinchi is the past and future wrapped up in our beautiful present. What we are seeing here is that One with God is a majority; as all of Gavinchi's efforts and accomplishments thus far were all possible because of close friends and family (Phenix Records), hard work, perseverance and Divine Intervention. Time is the master and ultimate test of all that is; so it will undoubtedly prove how great Gavinchi is.

January 4th, 19 "eighty-sum'n" was a memorable day in Jamaican music history. This was the day that a famous female artist of the eighties (Shirley McLean) and a renown radio personality (Owen "O.B" Brown) brought a bouncing baby boy into the world, and they called him Gavin. From birth, Gavin has been submerged in and surrounded by music as not only his parents but many of his relatives and family friends have all been intimately involved in the music fraternity. Commercially; his cousin Toots from Toots and The Maytals (who many credit as coining the word Reggae in song) and the UK based Me&You have been the most successful of the lot thus far. (More)